What’s up with opening the brewery?

I got a lot of questions about what was going on with my brewery building during beer week.  Friend, family and total strangers were curious, and the encouragement I received was great.  In order to keep from repeating myself, though, I thought I’d let you know here what the status is.

Here’s the quick version:

Other than some maintenance, work has not begun on the brewery.

I’m also not brewing there. Trust me, you’d know the instant that started.  I expect to start building in a few weeks and be brewing sometime in the fall

Now the long version:

Today I got a “use permit” from the city.  This is just a formality since the building is industrial and I am allowed to brew there by right.

I am putting together plans with my architects to submit to the city for building permits as well as to the PLCB and Federal government for my brewing licenses.  I expect that to happen in the next week or so and work to being a few weeks later.  It will take a minimum of two months for building and the liquor permitting.

At the same time I will be applying for some zoning variances.  They fall into two categories.

The first are for the brewery.  In Philly, a business in an industrial building cannot sell direct to consumers.  So no growler sales, t-shirt sales or even free samples.  I’m getting a variance to allow retail on-site.

I’ve also going to try to put in a very small brew pub, really just a brewery tap house with minimal food, on-site.  That’s another variance and it will allow me to sell pints at the brewery and hopefully let me expand the brewhouse sooner rather than later. If I get approval then I will apply to the state to be a “brewery pub” and, with luck, have my license in late fall.

Expect to hear more about both of these in the future since most of the neighborhood will get to vote on them.

I’m also looking into using solar hot water for the brewery, I’m waiting on some quotes now.

I’ll keep updating once there is more to tell about construction or zoning stuff.

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