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I’ve been in a bit of a lull since beer week.  I was cleaned out of all the beer I brewed so I’ve been stocking up for whatever random events turn up later this summer.  On a whim I made my first cream ale, I thought it might be refreshing, it could also taste like macro beer, who knows.

My tanks have started arriving, 2 7bbl fermenters and a 7bbl brite tank arrived last week (pics will come).  Sometime soon I should be receiving the brew kettle and 2 3bbl fermenters.

As for the brewery itself, progress has been frustratingly slow.  A few weeks ago I went to get my zoning and building permits from the City of Philadelphia.  Things were going smoothly, I was going to be done at L&I in a record setting 25 minutes.  Then a red flag came up on the computer, there were some old violations on the building that my landlord needs to clear up.  Actually, the building had been deemed unsafe by the city so until that gets sorted out I can’t do anything.  The landlord has been slowly fixing all of that, I hope.  Mostly it seems he has been crying poor and taking his time, which is odd since he can’t get any tenants in the building until this is done.  I’m beginning to have a bad feeling about this arrangement.  I should know more in a week or two.  I’m heading off for a trip to Florida where I will destress and maybe get to visit Cigar City and St. Somwhere.

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