So what’s next?

Word came back to me over the weekend that the vote in South Kensington was 26-0 in favor of my brewery and brew pub project.  I’m absolutely thrilled that neighborhood residents were so positive.  I feel that St Benjamin can bring a lot that is positive to the community and it is nice that others agree 🙂
So where do I go now?  Well I found out there is another neighborhood group in the same area, Old Kensington Neighbors Association, that I have to present to on August 14th.  Anyone within two blocks of the brewery can vote, renters included.

After that I go to the city zoning board, where hopefully the support I have gets my my variances.

If all goes well I will be working on the brewery this summer, as well as applying to the state and federal government for my licenses.  No matter what happens with the ZBA, I should be allowed to open a brewery in Kensington.

I hope to be brewing beer by this fall.

Once I get all of my brew pub approval, I’ll start working on the bar/kitchen area.  Inspections and what not will take a bit longer, but I plan to be open by 2012.

I’ll be posting here and elsewhere looking for recommendations for contractors, people like plumbers, HVAC experts and anyone who has set up a brewery.  Always feel free to send over some names!

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