Bayside (Farmhouse Style Ale)


A classic saison with a twist with New Zealand hops and a touch of sea salt

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Transcontinental (California Common)


The Pennsylvania Railroad once served as a portal for Philadelphians looking to head West, explore America and taste new things. With this proud Philly brew, we evoked that wandering spirit by reinventing a pre-Prohibition San Francisco style, California Common Ale. This copper colored ale has a rich malt flavor with accents from rye and subtle spices. Take your taste buds on a train ride.

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BNC Barleywine (White Wine Style Ale)

Traditional English Barleywine was meant to stand in for red wine during times of war with France. We’ve decided that today’s beer and wine drinkers need another choice, not to weather a war but to experience all that beer can offer. A style we call “white barleywine”, a strong pale beer that is less malt forward and drier than traditional barleywines. Citrus and Sauvignon Blanc notes with subtle Belgian yeast aroma.

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