Export Stout (Export Stout)


An export stout is traditionally brewed with a higher ABV so that it can withstand the longer journey and higher temeratures in the Caribbean. With summers and hot weather in mind, Saint Benjamin has brewed ths dry, roasty export stout. Availability is extremly limited.

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Junto (Coffee Kolsch)


Named for the group of like-minded friends organized by Benjamin Franklin for their own and the city’s improvement. Many times they gathered over both beer and coffee, creating the Philadelphia library, hospital, fire company and much more. In tribute to those men we created this beer. A straw colored kolsch aged on whole coffee beans from Kensington’s own Reanimator Coffee. Huge coffee aroma carries through this delicate, light bodied ale and a crisp finish reveals Junto’s German roots.

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Liaison Lavender Saison (Farmhouse Style Ale)


Our lightly-hopped, dry saison effortlessly combines spicy peppercorn notes with aromatic lavender for a sometimes tart, always refreshing taste that appeals to both saison aficionados and casual beer drinkers. Like a fine wine, savor it in your tulip glass and let the bouquet intoxicate your nostrils.

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Yardarm (Farmhouse Style Ale)


Fermented with wild yeast harvested from a Pennsylvania orchard and aged for months in red wine barrels, Yardarm is then blended with fresh saison. The two are allowed to age together to develop a unique synergy you will find nowhere else. enjoy.


Carrières (Bière de Garde)


Brewed in the classic style, just in time for fall. This rustic amber is French Wallonia’s answer to Saison. Brewed with lager yeast at an elevated temperature, the beer undergoes months long maturation in our cellar. Notes of dark fruit and bread crust dominate the aroma of this expressive, malt forward beer.