RiverCity (American Style Oktoberfest Lager)


At one time Philadelphia was renowned for it’s German brewers and breweries. As they emigrated here, they slowly changed and became Americanized, going on to create some of the best beer in the world at that time. In that spirit we introduce our Americanized version of a German Oktoberfest. This beer has all of the hallmarks of the German Fall beer, the deep copper color, the rich malt flavor and the clean finish. What we have added is a small dose of American hops in the brewing process to show the bit of edge that American brewers bring to the world.


Le Bon Bock (Bock)


A traditional bock that is a full bodied, malty beer with a hint of roast and a clean finish. It will be released on Fat Tuesday but is meant to be enjoyed for all of Lent. Now you too can celebrate the Lenten season like a fasting Bavarian Monk.

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Pilsner Prosim (Czech Style Pilsner)


Assertively hopped with czech saaz and brewed in the traditional decoction method, this unfiltered lager will be empty before you finish reading this.


Kumpelbier (Maibock-style Lager)


Maibock is a malt driven, German lager brewed to be served in May. Ours starts German pilsner and Munich malts; and is mashed in the traditional decoction method. A slow, low temperature fermentation and 6 weeks of lagering allow the malt flavors to shine. Kumplel Roughly translates to “Buddy”. We brewed this beer with our friend and consultant, Scott Morrison to celebrate the completion of our new brewhouse installation. Thanks for all the help Buddy.

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