Important Zoning Meeting! Let your vote count!

It’s time for my big zoning meeting in South Kensington.  Next Wednesday the 18th, at 7:30PM residents of the neighborhood will be voting on my brewery and brew pub.  If you live in this area, which is mostly north of Girard and west of Front, you are eligible to vote.  Just bring a license, a bill or other proof of residence.

My building is zoned to allow the brewery, but the way the city zoning is set up, I cannot sell growlers or even offer free samples or sell t-shirts on-site without zoning approval.  I also want to open a small taproom with minimal food, and will need neighborhood approval for that as well.

This may not seem controversial, but you never know how these meetings will go.  If this is something you are interested in having in your neighborhood, come out and be part of the discussion and vote.

The meeting is at 1301 N 2nd St. at 7:30PM on Wednesday the 18th, please forward this to any friends who live or own businesses in the area.

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