Homeless no more!

At long last a few weeks ago I signed the papers for the brewery to move in to an industrial space I’ve been waiting over a year for this to happen and I am so relieved and excited that it is over.

I never expected it to take this long, when I started looking for a space in January of 2011, I thought it would be a few months, tops, before I had a spot.  Unfortunately I had a string of bad luck and false starts, and even on the day I closed a few bad events nearly derailed the whole thing.

So now I unveil the new home of Saint Benjamin Brewing Company:

This former carriage house and stables was built sometime in the 1870s.  With over 12,000 sq ft to grow in, this will be the permanent home of the brewery.  Even better I was able to get a few useful items in the sale.

The second floor is where I hope to have the brewhouse

And someday this third floor space could be a tasting room, or maybe a barrel aging area.

One exciting fact that I hope to research is that this building was owned by the Theo Finkenauer Lager Brewery 100 years ago.  With the former Gretz building around the corner, it is great to be bringing the brewing tradition back to this part of the city and this building in particular.  I’ll post soon with some of the history I have been able to dig up.

Be sure to check out my Facebook page to see more pics of the brewery.

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