Year round varieties

Inca (Cream Ale)


A classic Cream Ale re-imagined. This golden ale starts with fine pilsner malt and American grown corn. It ends with a combination of Cluster and Simcoe hops. Hopped with old-school Cluster and modern Simcoe, giving the drinker a citrus laden hop profile that is sure to leave you refreshed.
1/2bbl $145 and 1/6bbl $75 Cans $32/24

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Foul Weather Jack (English Mild Ale)


John “Jack” Byron was a fiercely unlucky admiral in the British naval fleet, a man who could have easily crossed paths with our brewery’s namesake, Benjamin Franklin. As legend has it, every time this 18th century sailor went to sea, he encountered bad luck aboard doomed ships.That Foul Weather Jack found little pleasure in his voyages to America. Our Foul Weather Jack — a dry, roast-y session beer with smooth chocolate notes – is a revelation of good taste and better fortune. And, at just 4.5% ABV, it will rarely leave you shipwrecked.
1/2bbl $145 and 1/6bbl $75

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Wit or Witout (Blonde Ale - Belgian Blonde / Golden)


Yo Philly, you won’t get kicked out of the bar for ordering this classic wheat beer incorrectly. Wit or Witout, a tongue-in-cheek ode to Philadelphia’s beloved cheesesteak, is a slightly tart, smooth sipping Belgian wit, lightly hopped, and brewed with the finest pilsner malt, zesty wheat and high quality oats. How you order it is up to you.
1/2bbl $145 and 1/6bbl $75 Cans $32/24

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Bicentennial Cream Ale (Cream Ale)


Bicentennial Cream Ale is a light, refreshing take on the American classic. This easy drinking beer has a slight hop aroma from American Cluster hops and a clean finish.