CBC Roundup

If you’ve been following our other social media, you may know that last week @stbenjaminbrew and @christinabrews were in Denver for the Craft Brewer’s Conference.  Lest you think it was just a week of drinking beer, we were hard at work the entire time (well, most of the time).  There was a trade show for buying the last of our equipment, educational seminars, and lots and lots of networking.  A few highlights were a session on Belgian Yeast, one on quality control hosted by Avery Brewing (who are a super nice bunch of guys) and another one hosted by one of Iron Hill’s brewers (also a super nice guy, and very helpful!).

We came back with lots of great info that we can’t wait to put into practice at the brewery.  I am sure you are all wondering when that will be.  We have more good news there, with any luck we will be brewing in a few weeks!  Construction of the brewhouse is almost complete and we just have a few small pieces of equipment to track down.  Stay tuned for pics of our first brew…

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