Philly Beer Week Opening Tap

The Opening tap is an arduous night of drinking, capped on top of all the relay day drinking and of course our regular drinking. It’s a tough job, but someone has to step up and, you know, drink some beer. Andrew and Christine killed it, Pouring and drinking, drinking and pouring. We think every week [...]

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Philly Beer Week Relay and The Zerofuckasaurus

We participated in this years HOG relay for beer week again. This year we had our very own sexy and seductive St. Ben marry the Zerofuckasaus Rex they sped off in Tim’s convertible to some other bar to hand off the beer hammer. Who knows what will be born out of a Philly Beer Week [...]

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Philly Beer Week Events

Has the Philly Beer Week jumped the shark yet? We don’t think so. Here are some events we felt like doing. June 1st HOG Relay Bus- All Over But Really Saint Benjamin's Taproom Opening Tap- The Filmore Pull the Pin- Standard Tap June 2nd Morning Wood Beer Brunch-Grey Lounge Pub June 5th Brewsday Comedy Night- [...]

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We Placed in the Brewvitational (Again)

Well it looks like we placed a second time at the Philly Brewvitational! Here is how it works, about 40 regional breweries compete in two categories. The first one is always New Beer, the second one is different each time. Generally there are about 70 entries. Last year  we swept BOTH first place spots. This [...]

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Saint Benjamin’s Celebration of Fermentation

Celebrate all things fermented and distilled at Saint Benjamin's first annual Celebration of Fermentation. Enjoy an afternoon of samples from local brewers, distillers, wine-makers and mead producers. The event will take over two floors of the brewery for a behind-the-scenes experience at a festival unlike any other. Two local food trucks will be on-site with [...]

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Philly Beer Week Raffle

Our co-owner and brewer Christina Burris, really, really, really wants to go to Amsterdam - and you might be able to go with her!  How? you ask.  Simple, purchase a Philly Beer Week Raffle ticket from the link below. Select Saint Benjamin as your team and select Christina Burris as your brewer.  The raffle is [...]

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I just got back from a trip to Portland, OR.  Part personal vacation, part brewery research trip, I definitely came home with a lot of insights.  Thanks to the owners of Beetje Brewery and Breakside Brewery for being great hosts and giving me some great advice. One thing I noticed was there seemed to be [...]

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After doing a post about "Beer Wars" I figured I should write something about "Brewmasters" since it is the only other mainstream outlet for what goes on at a brewery.  If you haven't seen it, the show follows Sam Calagione, the owner of Dogfish Head Brewery, as he tries to brew up something new and [...]

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