Laughs on Philly, Philly Beer Week Edition

We hosted Laughs of Philly last year and it was pretty freaking hi-larious. You know why? Jokes. They made us laugh so hard that week brought them back again for Philly Beer week and their lineup was amazing hand the place was packed! The big take away here… jokes are funny.

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Philly Beer Week Events

Has the Philly Beer Week jumped the shark yet? We don’t think so. Here are some events we felt like doing. June 1st HOG Relay Bus- All Over But Really Saint Benjamin's Taproom Opening Tap- The Filmore Pull the Pin- Standard Tap June 2nd Morning Wood Beer Brunch-Grey Lounge Pub June 5th Brewsday Comedy Night- [...]

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The Broad Street Burlesque May Edition

North of Girard is were the real avant-garde is going down and we are proud to host a sweet little taste of strangeness in the form of the Broad St. Burlesque each month. Host Liberty Rose gets weird, real weird with a changing lineup for her De-Brew-Tante Ball and we do our best to get [...]

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Summer Playlist I Against I IPA

Here is how it works- Each month we are going to let an artist use our 32 oz Big Ben cans as a canvas for their work for FOUR limited edition designs. Each week we will produce 150 cans of a different beer which will only be available at a farmers market. The left overs [...]

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About Blanc Keller Pils Just Tapped

We just tapped the About:Blanc today! 5% dry hopped German style keller pils. Hopped in the kettle with hallertau mittlefruh, then dry hopped with hallertau blanc. This is delicious and a perfect summer weather session beer so get drinking!  

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Saint Benjamin’s Celebration of Fermentation

Celebrate all things fermented and distilled at Saint Benjamin's first annual Celebration of Fermentation. Enjoy an afternoon of samples from local brewers, distillers, wine-makers and mead producers. The event will take over two floors of the brewery for a behind-the-scenes experience at a festival unlike any other. Two local food trucks will be on-site with [...]

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Why We Love Firkins

I've heard some people (bartenders even) describe beer served out of a firkin or through a hand pump as "warm, flat beer". I think there is a lot more to it than that. Beer that is served in firkins is naturally conditioned, means that the CO2 in the beer comes from the yeast through fermentation [...]

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Saint Benjamin’s Citywide Special

Any neighborhood bar in Philadelphia worth it’s salt has a “Citywide.” The shot & beer combo is so infamous it recently landed it’s own spot in the annals of Playboy. When the taproom opened, we were happy to have good food & better beer in a place where people could just hang out without any [...]

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