The Zoning Debacle (Part I)

I've put off writing about this whole experience for a while.  Besides turning into a total clusterfuck, the zoning process ended up ruining my relationships with several of my neighbors and giving me a very negative view on how some people and institutions in my neighborhood operate.  I was lied to by some as well [...]

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Time Crunch

Just a quick present day post, I didn't want to get into the big zoning debacle just yet and that's where the story left off. Recently both the Fishtown Neighbors Association as well as a friend who is on the board of a non-profit asked me to donate some beer to  events they were hosting [...]

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An original idea

I like to read a lot.  As much as I like fiction I also tend to read a lot of material more on the technical side, whether it is websites, magazines or even 400 page programming manuals.  A computer science degree and 10 years in the field helped develop this skill which has ended up [...]

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The first step after a giant leap

One plus of being a very detail-oriented person is that big, overwhelming problems (like "How do I start a brewery?") can be broken down into the immediately attainable.  So I decided to push off some of the ideas of where do I come up with the quarter million or more that I would need to [...]

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In the beginning was wort

I'm coming to the beer world a little late in the game compared to some.  I wasn't even a beer drinker until a few years ago, I have some close friends and my girlfriend to thank for that.  My first favorites were Belgian Ales, I got into more mainstream beer much later and I think [...]

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So you want to be a brewer…

I've heard variations on that phrase from people in the past year, usually with a slightly raised eyebrow or even a "who the hell does this guy think he is?" look.  I can understand their skepticism, here I am coming from outside the industry, a homebrewer with big plans.  But I have gotten some great [...]

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