What’s up with what’s going down

Sorry for the dearth of updates lately, we have been bogged down in what I'll refer to as "Building Permit Hell".  We have waited patiently for about 2 months for the City of Philadelphia to issue construction permits so we can build our brewery.  We hope to have them in hand by the end of [...]

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John Coltrane House Benefit Concert

We are really excited to help preserve an amazing part of Philadelphia's history, the John Coltrane House in Brewerytown.  There will be a benefit concert this Thursday from 6-8PM.  More info can be found here: http://www.brewerytownliving.com/2013/07/09/a-free-concert-to-benefit-the-john-coltrane-house/

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St. Ben Sponsors a Documentary

At Saint Benjamin, we believe in paying it forward.  So many of you contributed to our Lucky Ant campaign, and we are forever grateful.  Recently our friend Jeremiah Jancik started a fundraiser on Kickstarter for his movie Sustainable.  This will be a documentary about individuals and groups who are working to lessen our impact on [...]

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Beer Week Events

We have our full Philly Beer Week schedule up, check our events page or go to our page on the PBW Site.  We are super excited to see everyone and get some beer in your hands!

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Our Fundraiser Is Complete!

Thank you so much everyone who contributed to our Lucky Ant fundrasier, we raised $21,275 for restoring the facade of our 1880s era building.  Work will progress this summer and we hope to be open in the fall.  We will contact everyone with details on how to redeem your rewards. They won't be redeemable until [...]

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One More Day Left To Contribute!

Our Lucky Ant campaign is almost over and we just need a little more help to push it over the top!  We'd love to break $15,000 today and it won't take much to do it. Perhaps you've been on the fence about getting a stainless steel growler of beer, or a t-shirt and glass.  Maybe [...]

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Brewery Opening Party

It's never too soon to plan your fall party schedule and we want to be part of it!  We've tentatively scheduled an opening party on Friday October 18th from 7-10PM.  We say tentatively because we hope to have all of our licensing by then.  There will be an open bar of our beers and finger food.  Come [...]

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New Hops

At St. Benjamin, we like to look to the past for inspiration on moving our beers forward. One area we like to experiment in are hops that have fallen by the wayside in the rush for more bitter or exotic flavors. We love to use Cluster hops in our Cream Ale, and expect them to [...]

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Upcoming Brews

We've got some awesome new recipes that we plan to brew in the next month or so, all for your consumption. Today we brew a roggenbier, which is basically a rye-based hefeweizen. We are making ours a little darker and maltier than usual. We have a local baker in mind who will make cupcakes for [...]

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Sketch burger Tasting Tomorrow

Sketch Burger in Fishtown will be hosting a food and beer pairing with menu items made from our beer.  They've gone all out, making bread, glazes and even putting our beer in to the cheese fries!  As a bonus they made a sticky toffee pudding with our new Baltic Porter, the Bielaya Vorona.  We are [...]

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