CBC Roundup

If you've been following our other social media, you may know that last week @stbenjaminbrew and @christinabrews were in Denver for the Craft Brewer's Conference.  Lest you think it was just a week of drinking beer, we were hard at work the entire time (well, most of the time).  There was a trade show for buying [...]

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More Pics

Not a ton of changes to the brewery this week, but the place has been cleaned up and ready for our floors to be coated next week.  The week after will be a big one, our equipment is being moved to the site!  We will post a ton of pictures then, the brewery will be [...]

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Latest Construction Photos

We are really excited with how far construction has come on the brewery in such a short time since the floors were done.  Most of the plumbing work is done, the walls are all framed and drywall is almost ready to go up!  Expect news about us installing the brewing equipment soon.

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More Construction Pics! With Floors!

We are very excited, after months of waiting our brewery building has new floors! This may not sound like much but it means all of our underground utility work is complete and contractors can now do things like put up walls, install lighting.  More importantly, it means our equipment can be moved to the building [...]

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How to Start a Brewery

We were interviewed, along with several area brewers, in a great article on starting a brewery.  Check out From dream to drink: How to start a craft brewery in Pennsylvania The author, Dan Eldridge, also did a nice profile on the brewery for Flying Kite Media.

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Construction Updates!

The plumbers have been hard at work on our brewery building for the past 6 weeks or so.  It is a massive upgrade to the building infrastructure, but we are happy that all of the underground work has been completed.  This involved brining in both a 2" and a 4" water main and replacing all [...]

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New Years Updates

It is a new year and our opening is only a few months away!  As you may have gathered, we didn't win the trip to Belgium.  That is ok, there is always next year.  Our sincere congratulations go out to Justin Neuner and Justin Low who won, we can't wait try the beer they brew. [...]

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Win a trip to Belgium and brew with us!

Philly Beer Week is hosting an exciting event next week, a raffle to choose one lucky home brewer and one local brewery to go to Belgium and brew a collaborative beer for Beer Week!  The beer will be brewed at Brouwerij Dilewyns with Anne Catherine Dilewyns, the youngest female brewer in Belgium. The drawing will be held [...]

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Construction Updates! New People!

I'm thrilled to announce that St Benjamin is no longer a one person operation.  From now on the "we" in post will be the actual "we" not the royal "we".   Christina Burris, formerly of Bombshell Brewing Company, has joined the brewery.  You may have seen her posting online or pouring beer at events.  She [...]

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St Ben on the Radio

We were interviewed last week by KYW1060 and the interview went live today.  You can hear it today and tomorrow on the radio, or check out the full interview online.

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