Josh Got a Promotion!

We are extremely excited to announce the promotion of Assistant Brewer, Josh Caputo to the position of Head Brewer at Saint Benjamin Brewing. Josh was born in Rivesville WV and graduated from Fairmont State University in Fairmont WV with a BA in education. He moved to DeKalb IL where he worked as a janitor at [...]

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Summer Playlist Alert! The Verona Kings IPA

Oh man, it's time for another Summer Playlist Alert! The Verona Kings small batch IPA is the first art label by this months featured local Philly artist, Keith Warren Greiman. Brewers notes: American IPA with citrus and resinous notes from centennial and rakau hops. Brewed with local wheat and oats.  

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Andrew Foss Exit

All of us at Saint Benjamin's would like to offer our most heartfelt support to Andrew Foss as he leaves our brewery for a new venture. Andrew has been our head brewer for the past several years and we have loved everything he worked on, from his lagers to his barrel aged beers. I personally [...]

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Summer Playlist Alert! Roman Candle IPA

Annnd we are ready for another small batch IPA from our Summer Playlist Series. The Roman Candle IPA is the last art label by local Philly artist, Clayton Thomas. Brewers Notes: Citra and Azaca IPA. Brewed with Rye malt from Double Eagle and flaked oats. Pillowy soft and bursting with Citrus flavor. Melty orange sherbert [...]

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CASH No Parking Mural

Like any business in Philly, we always have problems with people parking in front of our garage. We were going to just paint a "No Parking sign, but then we decided to have some fun with it. Our neighborhood is world famous for it's graffiti murals, so we recruited the street art superstar, CASH to [...]

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Summer Playlist Alert! High Pressure Low IPA

You know what is best? Crushing 32 oz Bombs of Summer Playlist IPAs on a long, summer day. You’re lucky, we got those. Our newest limited edition, small batch featuring the next art label by Philly painter, Clayton Thomas is out. The High Pressure Low IPA will be available at Swarthmore Farmers Market. You’re welcome. [...]

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Saint Benjamin Wins the Gold at the Can Can Awards

We just racked up another first place award for our amazing beer! This time we competed in the Can Can awards and took the gold for our Wit or Witout for best Belgium Style Witbier! Over 350 cans from all over the world were submitted and we came out on top! For a four year [...]

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Beers with Ben

For Philly Beer Week, we teamed up with City Beer Tours for our Beers with Ben! First we did a brewing colab and rolled out our pre-prohibition Pitch Porter. Then we used sorcery and forbidden brewing technology to raise the corpse of Ben Franklin! He gave two sold out tours to guests on the history [...]

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Philly Beer Week Opening Tap

The Opening tap is an arduous night of drinking, capped on top of all the relay day drinking and of course our regular drinking. It’s a tough job, but someone has to step up and, you know, drink some beer. Andrew and Christine killed it, Pouring and drinking, drinking and pouring. We think every week [...]

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