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After doing a post about "Beer Wars" I figured I should write something about "Brewmasters" since it is the only other mainstream outlet for what goes on at a brewery.  If you haven't seen it, the show follows Sam Calagione, the owner of Dogfish Head Brewery, as he tries to brew up something new and [...]

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5 beers for a desert island

No time for a real post today so here is my proposition, name 5 beers (in unlimited supply) that you'd take for a long stay on a desert(ed) island (like Lost or Castaway long, maybe even Gilligan's Island long).  Here goes: 1. Chimay Blue 2. Saison Dupont 3. Young's Double Chocolate Stout 4. Green Flash [...]

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Beer Wars

I'd like to take a brief diversion from my ramblings on starting a company to discuss a movie I watched last night, "Beer Wars". The setup of the movie is that it is supposed to be about the David and Goliath struggle going on in this country between the craft brewers and the 3 giant [...]

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An original idea

I like to read a lot.  As much as I like fiction I also tend to read a lot of material more on the technical side, whether it is websites, magazines or even 400 page programming manuals.  A computer science degree and 10 years in the field helped develop this skill which has ended up [...]

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The first step after a giant leap

One plus of being a very detail-oriented person is that big, overwhelming problems (like "How do I start a brewery?") can be broken down into the immediately attainable.  So I decided to push off some of the ideas of where do I come up with the quarter million or more that I would need to [...]

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In the beginning was wort

I'm coming to the beer world a little late in the game compared to some.  I wasn't even a beer drinker until a few years ago, I have some close friends and my girlfriend to thank for that.  My first favorites were Belgian Ales, I got into more mainstream beer much later and I think [...]

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