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Homeless no more

After several months of looking and many hours spent in dank, dark warehouse I've finally found somewhere for the brewery!  I just signed the lease yesterday.  Saint Benjamin will be calling South Kensington home for at least the next several years, hopefully longer.  I've got almost 2,000sq ft to spread out in so I should [...]

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The past few weeks have had me swamped with beer related activities, from touring warehouses to ordering equipment (and cutting huge checks for it!).  I nearly forgot to post about the  experience of sharing my beer at the FNA Chili-cookoff. There were some issues leading up to the cook-off, I tried to brew a batch [...]

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A New Direction

After all the hassle of zoning I was pretty burned out.  Luckily my girlfriend and I had a trip planned for new years so I could get away from it all.  Relaxing on an island with some old friends did wonders for my mood.  Island beer helped too.  I also brought a book with me [...]

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The Zoning Debacle (Part IV)

Ok, it's time to put this one to bed.  I've managed to vent about most of the people who pissed me off or disappointed me and it has been very theraputic.  There are now some really positive things going on with my brewery and I'd rather be writing about those. After the neighborhood meeting I [...]

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The Zoning Debacle (Part III)

Ok, I will probably keep this short since the whole thing was so frustrating, maybe I will come back to it later.  After my weird run in at the pre-screening I had my neighborhood zoning meeting scheduled.  I told my next door neighbor about it, he had been supportive of me so far but he [...]

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The Zoning Debacle (Part II)

I decided to keep going with this and also to write up a more detailed account of my own experience trying to go through zoning in Fishtown.  Partly to get this off my chest but also to serve as a guide to other people who want to propose any project, in Fishtown or elsewhere, so [...]

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What’s in a name?

After I decided I wanted to build a nanobrewery in part of my house I knew I needed a name for my business.  As I mentioned in my previous post about beer names, I think because history is so much on people's mind when they think of breweries that a name that really connected me [...]

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The Zoning Debacle (Part I)

I've put off writing about this whole experience for a while.  Besides turning into a total clusterfuck, the zoning process ended up ruining my relationships with several of my neighbors and giving me a very negative view on how some people and institutions in my neighborhood operate.  I was lied to by some as well [...]

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Time Crunch

Just a quick present day post, I didn't want to get into the big zoning debacle just yet and that's where the story left off. Recently both the Fishtown Neighbors Association as well as a friend who is on the board of a non-profit asked me to donate some beer to  events they were hosting [...]

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